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About Us...

Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Chef Tony Macaroni received his start in the culinary field by shadowing his parents in their various Italian restaurants in New York. In his pursuit of taking the culinary world by storm Tony enrolled in the New York Restaurant School in Manhattan. He was able to travel throughout Italy, France and Germany honing his skills and mastering European cuisine.

Chef Macaroni has received many accolades throughout his career, he’s been featured in many local magazines from New Jersey to Florida, he’s competed on Network TV cooking shows, and in 2015 he was invited to attend the Annual New Jersey Wine and Food Festival at Crystal Springs Resort, where he dazzled the judges and event goers with his Award-Winning skirt steak recipe.

Chef Tony has been the private chef of countless celebrities, actors and musicians.


Chef Tony Macaroni & Co. was developed by Chef Tony Macaroni and his wife, Tabitha. We are family owned and operated, offering Authentic Italian/American cuisine. Our concept includes small brick and mortars, food trucks, on and off premises catering, with ideas of franchising in the future.

Viene a sederti alla nostra tavola e mangia bene

(Come sit at our table and eat well)

Tony & Tabitha        

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